BlackBox was created to highlight, through theater and cinema, the concerns of artists who choose to express themselves in the center of Athens. It is a place that hosts, promotes, and produces culture. Open to development, research, and presentation of works, with the aim of highlighting modern creation and, sometimes, the preservation of cultural memory. Designed with references to expressionist Berlin's aesthetics, with a four-meter cinema screen and a twelve-meter stage, it is itself a magic box of memories that fills, empties, and sets the tone.

The spectators next to the actors live the theatrical act, unifying the dynamics of the space. At the same time, specially designed educational programs are developed that meet modern artistic and professional requirements and provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to start a career in the arts, media, or the development of those already active in them. With a comprehensive approach to knowledge and research, the creators and participants in the actions of the space study the achievements that the history of art and science teaches us.

BlackBox is a cultural space where you can watch or take part in shows and movie screenings. Here you can enjoy exciting performances by artists, high acting, unique films and at the same time participate in other special experiences such as physical theater and cinema workshops.

BlackBox is a cultural center that hosts movies, theatrical productions, and art shows. With a full annual program, BlackBox focuses on the avant-garde of contemporary art, new theatrical, and research trends. The BlackBox Theater hosts theatrical groups and artists from around the world, offering a variety of options in all creative fields.